Exciting phase for development of our new flagship Belize 66


Development of the new flagship Belize 66 motor yacht has reached an exciting stage as the large three-piece hull mould is almost complete and lamination is right on schedule to complete in mid-January.

Motor yacht hulls are usually laminated as a single piece and then lifted out of the mould. The design and size of the Belize 66 hull has set a specific challenge for the team building this magnificent new motor yacht. As reported in previous editions of our Experience magazine, this hull will be built in three parts: port and starboard sides and the stern and transom.

Left: The large three-piece hull mould is almost complete.
Right: Steel slide rails are installed on the bottom framework to allow the mould to be split along the centreline when releasing the hull.

Steel slide rails have been installed on the bottom framework of the hull mould to allow the mould to be split along the centreline, releasing the completed hull mould.

When the mould is released from the plug it will be set up on a rolling steel frame and the hull will be laminated and released in the same dramatic way as we do with the Belize 54.

Top-left: The Belize 66 hull will be released exactly as this Belize 54 – but considerably larger!
Top-right: As the frame falls away, the hull is revealed.
Bottom: A new Belize is born.

With the Sedan Hard Top outer plug complete, a non-skid pattern is being applied to it prior to moulding.  This is an important safety feature for those walking on the Hard Top while undertaking routine wash-downs of the vessels.

Top: The Sedan Hard Top outer shell plug is now complete ready for the non-skid pattern to be applied prior to moulding. Above: Templates of the non-skid pattern are being tailored to the Hard Top.

The team has turned to work on the Daybridge plug. This, too, has been completed by the computer-controlled five-axis CNC router in two parts and it will soon be joined and painted ready for moulding.

We will continue to keep you informed about the progress of this magnificent new motor yacht right through to her launch.



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