“Celebrating the Riviera Family” – a superb 188-page book – limited copies now remain


"Celebrating the Riviera Family" - a superb 188-page book


When Puerto Rican couple Guillermo Alonso G and his partner Monica Rodriguez Beer decided to take delivery of their new Riviera 45 Open Flybridge in Australia, they could not think of a better introduction than a cruise among the iconic Whitsunday Islands in northern Queensland.

Over six days, they visited Butterfly Bay, Hook Reef, Hamilton Island and Stonehaven. They went snorkelling, beach-walking, stand-up paddle-boarding and fishing.

After their adventure, Guillermo “100 per cent” recommends the Australia Experience to fellow members of the international Riviera Family.

Now you can read all about their adventure in our limited edition coffee table book “Celebrating the Riviera Family”.

This richly photographed and superbly told collection of stories about Riviera and Belize owners cruising the iconic waterways of the world is contained in 188 pages, beautifully bound and silver embossed, priced at AU$85 plus postage and handling.

From a stunningly photographed voyage exploring the wild coastline of north-western USA to a circumnavigation of Tasmania as well as shorter cruises and adventures, this is a book to treasure on board or in your home or as a wonderful gift for the Riviera enthusiast in your life.

As well, there is a history showcase of every Riviera model ever built over the past 38 years.

“Celebrating the Riviera Family” is available to order online here and a limited number of copies remain in stock.

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