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COOMERA, AUSTRALIA – Riviera is famed world-wide for the quality of the timberwork in our motor yachts. All of the cabinetry, doors and timber linings utilised aboard Rivieras are built on site at our highly sophisticated and automated routing and varnishing facility. Inevitably there are off- cuts, but nothing goes to waste. Six years ago…(Read More)

BAY OF ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND – Riviera owners regularly undertake extended cruises in their motor yachts to offshore islands and along rugged coastlines. Voyaging at hull speed – around 10 knots – will give most Rivieras a range of at least 1,000 nautical miles. However, with all of Riviera’s robust qualities and genuine blue-water capabilities…(Read More)

COOMERA, QUEENSLAND – The sleek lines and surprisingly large volume of Riviera’s sporty and adventurous new 395 SUV are being revealed as the new motor yacht is developed at the company’s yard in Coomera, south-east Queensland. The 395 SUV will have its World Premiere at the 2018 Festival of Boating beginning on Thursday…(Read More)

The original brochure for the Classic Riviera 38 Convertible Mk II described this model as “evolution at work”. The distinctive sheer of the Riviera 38 Mk II swept in a graceful arc from the bow to the after end of the coach house. Launched in 1986, she was a two cabin, single bathroom flybridge model…(Read More)

COOMERA, QUEENSLAND – Riviera’s unsurpassed reputation for quality and design innovation is based upon a number of critical factors: world’s best components and materials, well-trained and highly skilled craftspeople and designers and the most sophisticated and flexible design and manufacturing systems. Critical to the introduction of every new Riviera and Belize model are…(Read More)

Here is the latest brand-new Riviera motor yacht making its way across the world, this month to disembark on the United States east coast. Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht on its way to Riviera’s north-east United States dealer Grande Yachts International.                       | Return…(Read More)

We understand how you appreciate quality and the finer things in life. In the lead-up to Christmas, our friendly and knowledgeable R Genuine Parts & Accessories team has been busy creating some exciting gift ideas for you, your family and friends – and your motor yacht. R Genuine Parts offers everything from genuine Riviera and…(Read More)

Our Classic Riviera 3000 Offshore pressed all the right buttons among motor yacht enthusiasts from the time the first model was launched in 1999. Sporty lines, spirited performance, a great entertainer deck and comfortable accommodation would see a total of 163 of these motor yachts built over two series in the following six years. At…(Read More)

Riviera is now offering the new Garmin Panoptix multi-beam through-hull transducer with FrontVü forward-looking sonar system on all Riviera and Belize models. Panoptix FrontVü offers skippers a new level of security, particularly when navigating difficult waters. It displays the sea bottom up to 90 metres ahead of the boat (at eight to…(Read More)