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  The 72 and 68 Sports Motor yachts, the flagships of the luxurious Riviera collection, have reached a significant milestone in production with the completion of Hull 20 following the new designs being launched in 2018. Sports Motor Yachts have received accolades from owners and the marine industry by setting the standard that defines 40…(Read More)

  Riviera is expanding its 14-hectare production facility to meet international and domestic demand and the company’s growing number of new motor yacht models. The multimillion-dollar new development works currently under way include extension of the factory’s final fitout capability by increasing the facility’s volume by more than 20 per…(Read More)

  With more than 350 square kilometres of lakes, lagoons and rivers, the Gippsland Lakes in eastern Victoria is Australia’s largest network of inland waterways – and ideal for enjoying the Riviera boating lifestyle. So say Karin and Peter Reed who spend most weekends on the Lakes aboard their 445 SUV K’Oma. And they…(Read More)

  It was a busy month for Riviera as motor yachts headed from our Gold Coast production facility to new owners around the world. Here are some of the latest new motor yachts making the journey. It’s au revior to this Riviera 39 Open Flybridge , on its way to a new owner through our…(Read More)

Every month Experience Magazine receives oodles of pictures of pooches on their owners’ Riviera, a testament to the added companionship, love and joy they bring aboard. By their very nature, dogs are fresh-air adventurers, are intuitive swimmers and love nothing more than being by their family’s side. Once accustomed to a family’s…(Read More)

Owners Photo and Video Competition Name: Kasey Goetze Boat Name: Rivive Boat Model: Riviera 42 Flybridge Photo Headline: Riv Kids 4 Life! Photo taken: Blakesley’s Photo Description: Loving life on our Riv 42! Another fantastic R Marine Jones trip. Thanks to the team at R Marine Jones for our goodies bag. The kids (and…(Read More)