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  In a reminder of the fun the Riviera Family enjoyed prior to restrictions on boating – and is looking forward to enjoying again – R Marine SA hosted its annual Port Lincoln Experience where sheltered anchorages, first-class food and wine, and impeccable service made it one of the most memorable yet. Riviera owner Rodney…(Read More)

  A successful delivery crossing on a Riviera 445 SUV between the North and South Islands of New Zealand has inspired the owners of Isobar to think beyond their homeport cruising grounds for more offshore travel. Living in a country that claims to have more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world, the…(Read More)

Gaining the essential skills for a trades career is only part of the learning curve for apprentices at Riviera. Teaching life skills is just as important – and it has been for the past 20 years. Riviera aligns its award-winning apprenticeship program with the Propel program, which is designed to teach apprentices more than just…(Read More)

Welcome to the Riviera and Belize Boat Show featuring a limited selection of new, state-of-the-art motor yachts currently available as you start thinking about your future boating escapes. Our representatives offer the opportunity to inspect your next luxury motor yacht through a variety of options including a personal virtual tour via Face…(Read More)

  Competitions bringing colour and creativity to the Riviera Family – final call for entries   Judging by the latest entries to our Riviera and Belize Owners Photo and Video Competition and our Riv Kids Colouring-in Competition, there’s plenty to inspire the Riviera Family. Both competitions are drawing to a close for this…(Read More)

  As Riviera marks its 40th anniversary, we have launched our own Boat Show featuring a limited selection of new, state-of-the-art Riviera and Belize motor yachts that will be available for enjoyment in the near future. This Boat Show is designed to inspire you to start thinking about the coming boating season…(Read More)

  Riv Kids both large and small have already started bringing colour to our world thanks to a fun competition for all the Riviera Family to enjoy. These are some of the entries we have received for our colouring-in competition designed to keep the Riv Kids and the ‘Riv Big Kids’ busy being creative…(Read More)

Up, up and away…


  Here are some of the latest new Riviera motor yachts now making their way to expectant owners around the world. This Riviera 445 SUV is heading to a new owner with our US representative Bay Marine in Chicago. Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition is being loaded for delivery by Bay Marine in Chicago…(Read More)