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Stellar year for Riviera apprentices

  COOMERA, QUEENSLAND – The 75-strong team of apprentices at Riviera completed a stellar 2018 by being recognised in multiple trainee awards. The accolades began in July when Matthew Gardiner won the 2018 School-Based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year award for the south-east Queensland region as part of the Queensland Training Awards…(Read More)

Classic Riviera M370 Sports Cruiser

  MONTEREY KEYS, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – “Everything about her works beautifully,” says Paul Viles of his Riviera M370 Sports Cruiser, Tital. “In fact, when we began looking for a cruiser, the plan was for something smaller. When we saw the M370, it answered every question. I love the beam, the stability, the looks and the…(Read More)